Thursday, August 18, 2016

After her racist remarks Wendy Williams fires producer Jason 'the white one' and other senior staffers before the start of the 8th season on 19 September.

After her racist and misguided remarks, the American talk show host Wendy Williams held a wrap-party at the end of the 7th season after which she fired staffers who made her look bad, including Jason "the white one".

The Wendy Williams Show will return with its 8th season starting on 19 September on BET (DStv 129) but it will be without one of "her" two Jasons: Jason Gabel.

Jason Gabel was fired after the wrap-party in July together with two other senior producers on the talk show, shocking staff.

After public pressure and sponsors dropping the Debmar-Mercury produced show, Wendy Williams was forced to apologise on-air just before the end of the season for saying, among other things, that she doesn't believe in historically black colleges because there's no "white" equivalent.

Wendy Williams Show staffers then held a wrap-party, only for Wendy Williams to give them the ax the next day, including Jason Gabel who often features together with Jason "the black one".

Jason Gabel has been with The Wendy Williams Show right from the beginning in 2008 and Wendy staffers are reportedly furious that Jason Gabel and others are being scapegoated for Wendy Williams' own misguided opinions.