Thursday, June 2, 2016

Greg Melvill-Smith, actor and founding member of the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA), has died from liver cancer, age 55.

The South African actor Greg Melvill-Smith has died. He was 55.

Greg Melvill-Smith, who was a founding member of the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA), died at home in Johannesburg on Tuesday night surrounded by family and friends after he was diagnosed with liver and kidney cancer in October 2015.

He leaves behind his wife Kenda and two daughters, Kaila and Natasha.

A Memorial service for Greg Melvill-Smith will be held on Saturday in Johannesburg.

SAGA in a statement says Greg Melvill-Smith "a SAGA stalwart and true gentleman of the profession, left us in the late hours of 31 May 2016, succumbing to an illness borne with great dignity. At this difficult time our thoughts go out to Greg's family as they face the loss of a loving husband and father".

The actor appeared on television in soaps like 7de Laan, Isidingo and Binnelanders as well as drama series like Die Vierde Kabinet and One Way.and was the writer and director of the science TV show Walking Tall about paleontology.

He was also on stage in numerous productions locally and overseas over the years.

Greg Melvill-Smith received his diploma in drama from the Pretoria Technicon in 1984 and moved to Johannesburg in 1988.