Sunday, May 8, 2016

MultiChoice reportedly ready to cut 'Gupta-news' ANN7 from DStv in August'; 'big concern' over subscriber complaints, low viewership, on-air mistakes, failure to communicate.

MultiChoice is ready to cut the"Gupta-news" TV channel ANN7 (DStv 405) from DStv in August when the existing contract with Infinity Media runs out due to ongoing complaints from DStv subscribers regarding anchor changes, an inconsistent programming schedule that constantly changes and ongoing widespread on-air mistakes.

The Sunday Times reports that MultiChoice is getting ready to axe the low-rated ANN7 in two month's time when the existing contract expires by August.

MultiChoice declined to comment on its negotiations with Infinity Media over ANN7. Infinity Media is owned by Essel Media, Mabengela Investments and Oakbay Investments of the Gupta family.

Oakbay decided not to respond to The Sunday Times' repeated media enquiries.

UPDATE 8 May 2016 15:48: MultiChoice tells TVwithThinus: "The Sunday Times today reports that MultiChoice is "considering pulling the plug" on ANN7. This is untrue and incorrect".

ANN7 struggles with ongoing dismal viewership on DStv with its viewership that fell in 2016.

According to viewership research by AGB Nielsen Media Research, ANN7 in March 2016 only had a paltry viewership share of 8.83% among MultiChoice's range of news channels on DStv.

That is off from the 10.66% share it had in February 2016 and down from its 10.15% share in March last year.

ANN7 also keeps making headlines for all the wrong reasons for ongoing personnel drama behind the scenes and frequent anchor resignations and abrupt on-air changes.

According to sources, The Sunday Times reports that MultiChoice has a "big concern" over ANN7's failure to properly communicate to viewers changes on the channel.

MultiChoice is reportedly concerned over ANN7's constant failure to keep to its programming schedule, low viewership, DStv subscriber complaints and ongoing on-air mistakes.