Thursday, April 14, 2016

Veteran M-Net executive Jan du Plessis broadens his portfolio with M-Net's general entertainment channels folded into his existing movies division.

South African TV industry veteran Jan du Plessis has broadened his job responsibility as a director at M-Net, with oversight of M-Net's general entertainment channels that were folded into his existing portfolio of looking after M-Net's movie channels.

Jan du Plessis from this month now also looks after channels like M-Net (DStv 101), M-Net Edge (DStv 102) and a few others, following Gideon Khobane's appointment as new SuperSport CEO and departure.

I'm told Gideon Khobane's specific position as director of M-Net's general entertainment channels was not filled; rather M-Net decided to combine the M-Net series and movie channel clusters in one "division".

This "new" bigger grouping is now headed up by veteran M-Net executive Jan du Plessis who returned from his sabbatical in October last year and who has been the M-Net director for movies since August 2014.

The precise job title of Jan du Plessis, a longtime M-Netter, is now channel director: M-Net general entertainment and movie channels.

Jan du Plessis joined M-Net in 1994 from Sterk-Kinekor where he headed up the acquisition's division, and was previously the head of the M-Net channel, then the director of group content services until that division was shut down and he became director of movies in August 2014.

When M-Net celebrates its 30th anniversary this coming October, Jan du Plessis will have been at M-Net for 22 of those years.