Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sunday's upcoming Carte Blanche on M-Net will be a special 90 minute edition looking at the fleeing Gupta family; rising South African food prices.

Sunday's upcoming episode of Carte Blanche on M-Net at 19:00 will be another special 90 minutes episode that will look at whether South Africa is on the verge of going hungry, and where the fleeing controversial Gupta family went.

Here's the preliminary line-up for this Sunday's Carte Blanche on M-Net for Sunday 17 April:

Is SA Going Hungry?
The cost of food could rise by a whopping 30% in the next year. Due to severe drought and an unstable exchange rate, the price of all essential products has been steadily escalating. So far, these increases have largely been absorbed by retailers, but consumers are advised to brace themselves for tough times at the tills. How will ordinary South Africans cope when a trip to the supermarket becomes unaffordable?
Producer: Sophia Phirippides
Presenter: Claire Mawisa
Researcher: Chwayitisa Futshane

Philippi Under Threat
The Philippi farming community gives the Cape 200 000 tonnes of vegetables and flowers every year. Only 20 kilometres from the centre of town, Philippi has been Cape Town’s bread basket for nearly 2000 years. Carte Blanche asks: why are the city’s own town planners threatening its survival during one of the most devastating droughts this country has ever seen?
Producer: Liz Fish
Presenter: John Webb

 Who are the Guptas?
From multi-billion rand business interests, to a wedding party landing at a national key point and a President seemingly under their influence.  Who are the Guptas really? Carte Blanche takes an in-depth look into the lives of SA’s most controversial family.
Producer: Este de Klerk
Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender
Researcher: Chwayitisa Futshane

 Love in the Time of Zika
As the Zika virus continues to spread beyond Brazil, this moving report follows three mothers caring for babies with Microcephaly. Spread by rampant mosquitoes attracted to stagnant water, the disease has resulted in a sudden spike in newborn babies with underdeveloped brains, deafness and blindness. In the lead up to the 2016 Olympics, Brazil's soldiers have had to step in to help combat the virus.
Producer: Journeyman

Jasmine Thompson
When 15-year-old Jasmine Thompson released her acoustic cover version of Chaka Khan’s “Aint Nobody” at the tender age of thirteen, the song climbed the UK charts and peaked in other countries. Videos she’s posted online have since received millions of views and launched her international career on stage. Carte Blanche catches up with the tech-savvy singer on tour in South Africa.
Producer: Diana Lucas
Presenter: Derek Watts