Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pick n Pay over grandmother 'break and pay' incident: 'We should have handled the situation better' says family retailer.

Pick n Pay says the retailer should have handled a situation better where an extremely traumatised grandmother and her grandson on Saturday were reduced to tears on the floor in Mitchells Plain after he broke a chocolate and store security and management demanded she pay.

After the shocking incident that quickly went viral on social media, consumers have raised concerns about how the "family" retailer handled the matter.

Parents and caregivers are also raising concerns about whether it's "safe" to still go to Pick n Pay, fearful and scared over what will now happen if they or minors break or damage something in a Pick n Pay and are held liable.

A distraught Lentegeur grandmother was captured on the Pick n Pay tiles, holding her crying grandson in her arms, surrounded by Pick n Pay security in Mitchells Plain after the youngster broke a Dairy Milk slab.

After her grandson initially took the chocolate and asked his grandmother if he could have it, she told him to put it back. The child did put it back but also broke the chocolate.

Pick n Pay security then demanded that she pay for the damaged product.

The grandmother became emotional and said she doesn't have the money with the situation that quickly escalated because Pick n Pay didn't handle it properly.

With a growing number of bystanders, security and store management, emotions kept building up and a disastrous scene ensued that Pick n Pay managed badly and reflected negatively on the retailer.

Pick n Pay admits that the incident was unacceptable and that the retailer is very sorry for any distress caused.

"We have now met with our customer from the store in Mitchells Plain," Jarrett van Vuuren, general manager of Pick n Pay in the Western Cape told TVwithThinus on Monday.

"We have apologised and stressed that our franchise should have handled the situation better," he said.

"Our customer is happy with our response and considers the matter to be resolved. We are pleased that she will continue to shop in our store."

The traumatised grandmother who feels highly embarrassed over the incident doesn't want to talk to the media.