Tuesday, February 2, 2016

COWABUNGA. Cows stolen off the isiBaya TV set; cattle call to find the missing Mzansi Magic moo-moo's yields no results; 'they were part of the family,' says production.

Cowabunga! Cows were stolen right off the isiBaya set of the hugely popular Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) show.

Producers have been desperately searching for their missing Mzansi Magic moo-moo's - with no luck so far.

The producers of the soap will now have to find new cattle to populate the background of the weekday soap opera.

"Yes. All of our cows were stolen beginning of the year," Desiree Markgraaff, executive producer of isiBaya tells TV with Thinus.

"We had about 8 cows. It happened at night and we only discovered in the morning that the cows were gone. We loved those cows. They were part of the isiBaya family."

The Bomb Shelter production will now have to find new moo-moo's as isiBaya extras where their appearance have helped with the realistic depiction of the ongoing family feud between the Zungus and Ndlovus in the Thukela Valley.

"We will have to get new cows," says Desiree Markgraaff of the show filmed in Soweto, the title of which means "the kraal".

So far a cattle call for the lost cows has not yielded any results. "We do have people still searching all over for the cows, but eventually we'll have to get new ones."

The cattle theft was reported to the police. No word yet on whether TV set insurance in South Africa pays out for the loss and theft of this type of television movable asset.