Monday, January 11, 2016

The most foul-mouthed and obscene Golden Globe awards on M-Net yet? The crude and coarse 73rd Golden Globes a new low point for Hollywood award shows.

It's no longer a joy watching with the 73rd Golden Globe awards that took place in The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California last night that has become the most foul-mouthed and obscene iteration of the annual Hollywood shindig yet.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) wants viewers around the world to look at the red carpet awards show and look up to or try and emulate and adore the Hollywood stars walking the red carpet and winning awards.

It's however getting more and more difficult to do that when viewers see how the dirty stars talk and behave.

The result is that the 73rd Golden Globes is the most crude and coarse Hollywood award show ever  -a vulgar low-class trash affair you shouldn't waste your time watching.

The 73rd Golden Globes will be broadcast on M-Net (DStv 101) in South Africa and across Africa tonight at 21:30 and viewers need to know they need to keep their hands on their ears, activate the family soundtrack, or simply not watch if they don't want to hear the most expletive filled Golden Globes ceremony yet.

The 73rd Golden Globes that will be on M-Net tonight was riddled with expletives throughout, multiple f- words and the caustic comedian Amy Schumer even using a c- word. Lovely.

While actors, producers and presenters are paid to prepare they all seem to do less and less every year, cheapening award shows like the Golden Globes with their lack of even trying to be better, trying to be really smart and funny and instead opting for low-class trash talking as a shallow, easy way out try try and pander for laughs.

Note to Holly: This foul-mouthed mess ain't working.

At the 73rd Golden Globes actor Jonah Hill wore a hear hat as he stood next to Channing Tatum and said "I'm a bear and honey is f- delicious". Within seconds he went: "Don’t be mad because don’t forget I’m a bear. I don’t f- care." Nice.

Jamie Alexander shouted "Who's typing this s- !" after being unable to read and not having prepared beforehand to know what she's supposed to say if the teleprompter isn't working.

The unfunny host, Ricky Gervais, again back after failed previous hosting attempts, asked Mel Gibson "What the f- does sugart- mean?", made masturbation jokes, said he has three Golden Globes one of which is to "shove up my arse", while Mark Wahlberg joked how the "people in the back get treated like s- ".

All so very classy, like a tacky trash lot of people who never matured past primary school or high school and think its cool to incessantly use dirty words to try and get a cheap reaction.

In previous years Hollywood awards shows, although always shallow, used to at least appear to be more refined - even the Golden Globes. They have now, especially over the past five years, degenerated into a trashy mess of unprofessionalism.

Even E! Entertainment (DStv 124) chimed in calling women "bitches" in its red carpet coverage - and of course things like Amy Schumer telling Ryan Seacrest that her vagina is itching.

It means that you can no longer as a family even watch red carpet pre-shows or Hollywood awards shows together - if you even did - because of the language.

What is supposed to be tasteful has become off-putting and distateful.