Friday, January 15, 2016

South Africa's TV news channels racing to cover the latest #ZumaMustFall viral sensation as massive billboard goes up on Cape Town building.

South Africa's TV news channels are racing on Friday afternoon to cover the latest #ZumaMustFall viral sensation, fuelled by a massive banner that went up as a billboard at the top of Longstreet in Cape Town with three black words on an all-white background simply saying "Zuma Must Fall".

The outdoor billboard banner space belongs to Continental Outdoor Media that usually sells the large ad space above the McDonalds on the corner of Kloof, Long and Buitensingel streets to advertisers.

Newsrooms immediately started working the phones to find out who booked and paid for the ad space, and how much the massive banner and ad campaign cost that workers erected on Friday as curious onlookers started flocking to the very busy intersection.