Sunday, January 10, 2016

National Geographic Channel commissioned Mygrations, tracking 'human herd' wildebeest journey facing predators and extreme conditions.

The National Geographic Channel (DStv 181) commissioned Mygrations, a new factual entertainment show in which a group of people will brace the weather, predators and extreme conditions as a "human herd" following a wildebeest migration in Africa.

Migrations, a 6 one-hour series, followed 20 elite male and female athletes, including former special forces members as well as zoologists, making a trek as a "human herd" encountering predators, the elements and dangerous conditions across rough terrain.

Mygrations, produced by October Films in the United Kingdom, will be broadcast on National Geographic Channel in the United States first, and then on the channel in the rest of the world and across Africa.

In Mygrations, the group embarked on a 6 week journey through the Serengeti to the Mara River without a compass, encoutering deep ravines, impassable bogs, scorching plains and raging rivers, as well as countless predators.

"Mygrations is a series that truly embraces National Geographic's pillars of exploration and adventure," says Tim Pastore, National Geographic Channel's global president of original programming and production.

"The human herd's journey not only pushes the limits of human spirit and capability in extreme conditions, but demonstrates the strengths and resilience our ancestors needed to survive"

"Mygrations will give viewers a visceral, heart-pounding experience – delivering gripping content together with breathtaking visuals of one of the most beautiful – and dangerous – places on earth," says Jos Cushing, Mygrations executive producer. "It's a living, unfolding experiment in the most epic lab on the planet".