Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More tweaks for The Daily Show on Comedy Central as first show for 2016 introduces a reworked theme song, Trevor Noah does his recaps in stand-up.

Trevor Noah, the South African comedian and new host of the The Daily Show on Comedy Central (DStv 122) is starting to make changes and returned last night with the first new episode of 2016 with slight tweaks to the satirical show including an updated theme song and doing news recaps away from the desk in stand-up.

On Tuesday night South African viewers of Viacom International Media Networks Africa's Comedy Central channel on MultiChoice's DStv heard a reworked version of the show's well-known theme song "Dog on Fire" on The Daily Show at the end of the first new episode.

The song was last changed in 1999 from the original version. It has now been redone by the R&B artist and rapper Timbaland and King Logan, and remixed by Chris Godbey with a faster beat and a more prominent rock sound. 

The new theme song follows the updated graphics and imaging that were introduced for The Daily Show when Trevor Noah made his debut at the end of September 2015.

It's likely that the South African comedian and his producers after a few months now feel more comfortable to introduce more changes after first wanting to reassure the audience in 2015 that the show will look the same and won't stray too far from Jon Stewart's legacy during the host transition. 

Another new change to The Daily Show viewers saw with the first 2016 episode was that Trevor Noah did his delivery of news recaps in stand-up as opposed to being seated behind the desk - a format he's much more comfortable with and used to.

It was only for his last story about guns in Texas that Trevor Noah quickly jumped back behind his desk, saying "Ah, Texas. You've even made me move to the desk. Because whenever I'm doing a story about guns I like to have something I can duck behind".

Since Trevor Noah took over hosting duties in September of The Daily Show ratings on Comedy Central has declined 38%. Although fewer viewers are watching, they are younger viewers. The Daily Show is now the 6th most watched late night show out of 12 in America.