Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How the cancellation of ITV's Jekyll and Hyde on ShowMax is helping thousands; show wasn't cancelled because it was 'too violent or scary'.

The abrupt cancellation of the ITV drama Jekyll and Hyde seen in South Africa on Naspers' video streaming service ShowMax is helping thousands of people, while the executive producer revealed the show was cancelled because of low ratings and because nobody was watching - not because it was "too violent or scary".

With Jekyll and Hyde getting the axe, Charlie Higson, the executive producer, went on social media to reveal that the knocked down sets have now been sent to Calais, France to help provide shelter for migrants and refugees flooding into Europe without a place to stay.

According to Charlie Higson, the trashed Jekyll and Hyde sets are used to make refugee shelters as part of a plan by the show's production designer Catrin Meredydd.

Charlie Higson says ITV "still like the show. But sadly not enough viewers. The decision not to make any more Jekyll and Hyde had nothing to do with it being too violent or scary".