Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Animal Planet renews Treehouse Masters and Yankee Jungle for further seasons; orders 20hour TV special, Panda Republic.

Animal Planet (DStv 183) has renewed Treehouse Masters and Yankee Jungle, also ordering a new 2-hour TV special, Panda Republic.

Treehouse Masters follows Pete Nelson and his team who create outrageous treehouses for clients across America.

Yankee Jungle follows Bob and Julie Miner who operate an animal refuge in Maine in the United States which is home to more than 200 exotic and wild animals.

From kangaroos and lemurs to wolves and camels, Bob and Julie work around the clock to care for the animals.

Panda Republic will look at the Bifengxia Panda Centre and the Woling Panda Centre dedicated to breeding pandas in captivity and releasing them back into the wild.

As pandas natural habitat is disappearing across Southeast Asia and with less than 2 000 left in the wild, pandas are edging closer to extinction, although some people are desperately trying to prevent it in the form of these two panda centres.