Monday, November 9, 2015

The SABC goes 'WTF!' on Twitter in reaction over president Jacob Zuma's R4 billion jet in the public broadcaster's latest embarrassing, public blunder.

The SABC editorially weighed in on the shock news of a new VIP presidential jet that will cost R4 billion for president Jacob Zuma with just the words: ‘What. The. F- !!!’.

In the SABC's latest embarrassing public blunder, the shock tweet from the SABC's official SABC News Online Twitter account with bad language that referenced a City Press story, instantly went viral.

City Press on Sunday revealed that Armscor is planning to buy a R4 billion presidential jet for president Zuma, shocking the SABC which referenced the story, and adding profanity to express the South African public broadcaster’s disbelief.

Later the SABC deleted the specific tweet from the SABC’s timeline although it already went viral.

SABC News then issued an apology but didn't say who was responsible for the editorial response and whether an SABC employee wrote it, or whether its Twitter account was hacked.

In a tweet, SABC News said: "SABC News would like to apologize for an earlier tweet that had profanity. The [sic] was done by someone without authority to be on our account."