Friday, November 6, 2015

National Geographic starts firing staff after take-over deal with 21st Century Fox, now giving Fox control over all of National Geographic's media brands.

Hundreds of National Geographic workers got fired on Tuesday after they were only warned in an enigmatic email to make sure they're at their email or phone on Tuesday.

It follows the announcement in September that 21st Century Fox is taking over National Geographic, turning the non-profit organisation in a for-profit venture owned 73% by Fox, and known as National Geographic Partners.

Fired staff include National Geographic Channel TV executives, National Geographic Kids staff, photo editors and magazine staff. 

Fox now owns all of National Geographic's media brands - from its various TV channels from Nat Geo Gold, National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild seen in South Africa on DStv and StarSat, to its publishing operations like the yellow-framed National Geographic magazine.

In an email on Tuesday Gary Knell, National Geographic Society CEO and president told staff, "Some of our colleagues will be leaving National Geographic over the next few days and, in some cases, weeks."

National Geographic is expected to fire about 10% of its 2 000 personnel due to the deal with 21st Century Fox.