Thursday, November 5, 2015

BREAKING. eNCA reporter Lenyaro Sello assaulted, pepper sprayed by private security covering the University of Johannesburg student fees protest.

The eNCA (DStv 403) reporter Lenyaro Sello has been assaulted by private security as she covered the University of Johannesburg student protests today and was pepper sprayed by security.

The shocking assault on Lenyaro Sello comes two weeks after eNCA colleagues like Iman Rappetti and other media and TV reporters came under assault for covering the same story - student fees protests in South Africa.

Lenyaro Sello was heavily pepper sprayed at close range by the heavy-handed private security contracted by the University of Johannesburg to clamp down on protesters - and apparently media trying to cover the news.

Several students were injured at the University of Johannesburg on Thursday in the physically violent clashes with security.

eNCA tells TV with Thinus that Lenyaro Sello is unharmed.

"The reporter is unharmed," says Sashni Pather, online editor.

"She didn't feel threatened as there are other journalists with her. An eNCA camera person is also there. I am confident that the reporter will leave the campus should she feel she's in any danger".