Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Second season of A+E Networks UK's Pawn Stars South Africa on History looking for treasured, weird and rare South African artefacts.

The producers of Pawn Stars South Africa, working on the second season of the A+E Networks UK commissioned series set for 2016 on History (DStv 186) on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform, is now looking South Africa's treasured, weird and rare artefacts and trinkets.

At the MultiChoice Content Showcase held last month in Mauritius (with no South African press present) the announcement was made that the South African produced show about a South African pawn shop has been renewed for a second season.

Pawn Stars SA is produced by Rapid Blue in South Africa and is a South African spin-off of the global hit series Pawn Stars, following owner Roy Peretz and his Cash Inn pawn shop in Johannesburg, together with partners Eytan and Liel and assistants Irene and Solly.

Pawn Stars South Africa is now looking for South Africans who perhaps own something of historical interest, a weird or wonderful collectible or something truly unique, bizarre, rare, fantastical or eye-popping for the second season.

"We want to showcase unusual local collectibles with interesting back stories," says Ed Worster, Pawn Stars SA series producer.

"Our Pawn Stars experts may be able to shed light on the value and uncover the detail - and Roy Peretz may make you an offer you can't refuse!"

People with interesting stuff collecting dust and taking up space they might want to exchange for cash or think is worth something, can get in touch with Pawn Stars SA at pawnstarssa@rapidblue.com and must send details of their unusual, and potentially valuable artefact.

In the show, based in Johannesburg, Roy Peretz, his partners and assistants at Cash Inn meet customers from all walks of life who flock to pawn or sell anything from the quirky, the unexpected and the downright hilarious.

Of course South Africa's rich and diverse cultures provide a treasure-trove of fascinating artefacts from muscle cars to military memorabilia, while the backroom shenanigans of the pawn shop team, combined with the historical backstories of the objects make for spellbinding and entertaining viewing.