Tuesday, October 20, 2015

FINGERED. M-Net Edge on DStv turns one year old; sends TV critics probably the best birthday surprise invitation in like, forever.

Nothing like getting a cut-off finger sent to you in the mail.

Two of M-Net's channels are turning one.

While Vuzu AMP (DStv 114) couldn't care less to tell TV critics like me about it, M-Net Edge (DStv 102) has been communicating to press for weeks, giving them a heads-up and is creating all the right and edgy buzz leading up to the celebration.

The Fedex guy literally just hand delivered this at my door, and even said: "It's from M-Net".

It looks like it's going to be an amazing M-Net Edge 1st birthday party.

Vuzu AMP had some first birthday party last week but couldn't even bother beforehand to just say its happening. And I've covered Vuzu from when it was no "AMP", and for years and years before that when it was called GO. Terrible.

In stark contrast, M-Net Edge definitely has the "wow" factor and knows how to get media attention and how to communicate.

Who doesn't want to go to a party where you're sent a ring, and told to "bring the ring to get access to the VIP event"? What an effective media message.

It's very Lord of the Ring-sey, but with ... edge.

The cute box opens to reveal the gruesome party surprise: a hacked off finger!

But M-Net explains nicely that "M-Net Edge brings you the most provocative, cutting-edge international series. But remember: it's always fiction. No humans were harmed in the making of this gift".

On the high-gloss, blue embossed black ticket inside, press are invited "to come and party with the edgiest one-year old" and to "bring the ring as your VIP access".

I for one will definitely be there next weekend and I'm actually looking forward to it.