Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Travel Channel on DStv announces 3 brand-new series and renews Hotel Impossible, Xtreme Waterparks, Bizarre Foods spinoff and Bert the Conqueror.

The Travel Channel (DStv 179), supplied to MultiChoice's DStv by Scripps Networks International has commissioned 3 new travel entertainment series and is renewing four existing shows.

Production has been greenlit in new series Could I Live There?, I Adventure (working title) and Meter's Running (working title) with Andrew Zimmern.

Travel Channel is also renewing the four shows for further seasons: Bert the Conqueror, Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations, Hotel Impossible and Xtreme Waterparks.

I Adventure will provide an intimate glimpse into the true enthusiasm for a special destination with actors Terry Crews exploring Detroit, Jon Cryer looking at space exploration and Eric Stonestreet intrigued with World War II espionage.

I Adventure will have these three one-hour episodes produced by Herzog & Company.

Meter's Running with chef, food writer and culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern is a drive-along in various places with a local that knows the best-kept secrets in a city - the taxi driver.

Whether it's a shikara driver in Kashmir, a gondolier in Venice or a taxi driver in the Deep South, Andrew Zimmern discovers the uniqueness of every location, exploring the food and culture from a whole new perspective. There will be 8 one-hour episodes produced by Intuitive Content.

Could I Live There? will follow real people faced with a life-changing decision - should I pick up the family and move to a new foreign city?

The family hop on a plane and take three days to experience the sights and sounds of their prospective new home city. The first season will have 13 half hour episodes produced by Karga 7 Pictures.

After an absence of four years, Travel Channel is bringing back Bert the Conqueror for a third season with the reluctant daredevil Bert Kreischer. It will have 6 half-hour episodes and 7 one-hour episodes and is produced by Sharp Entertainment.

In the new season Bert Kreischer will explore the fun and ingenious side of America as he takes on the most exciting rides and challenges.

Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations, also presented by Andrew Zimmern will sample more mouth-watering foods in a third season.

Destinations explored in the new season will include Bogota, Charleston, Honolulu, the Philippines, Providence, Seattle, Singapore and Tel Aviv. The new third season of Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations will have 7 half-hour episodes and 6 one-hour episodes produced by Tremendous! Entertainment.

Hotel Impossible will return for a 7th season with presenter and hotel fixer Anthony Melchiorri, transforming struggling hotels. The new season will have 13 one-hour episodes produced by Atlas Media Corp.

Xtreme Waterparks will be back for a 5th season as it explores some of the world's most extreme waterslides.

The new 5th season of Xtreme Waterparks produced by High Noon Entertainment will take viewers to the world's tallest and fastest body slide in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the largest funnel slide on the planet in Yongin, South Korea and a homemade slide that turns you into a human slingshot in Quebec, Canada. 

"Travel Channel's shows explore the world's most beautiful and fascinating locales and connect with our audience by informing, inspiring and perhaps most importantly - entertaining," says Ross Babbit, the senior vice president for programming and development at the Travel Channel.

"What makes these series so much fun to watch are the surprises that our viewers discover along the way. We head out on remarkable and well-planned adventures that somehow turn into the unexpected."