Sunday, September 27, 2015

FIRST SNEAK PEAK. M-Net introducing a brand-new on-air look Monday; will be warmer with the iconic blue ribbon device also making a comeback.

On Monday morning 28 September at 06:00 M-Net (DStv 101) will debut a brand-new on-air look.

The new look with new colours and imaging will be a marked departure from the falling and swirling glass petals look that the pay-TV broadcaster used since June 2011.

The promo board above gives a sneak peak at M-Net's new on-screen look - a small bit of the much larger and expansive make-over in the look and feel of the premium channel which occupies literally the number one position on MultiChoice's DStv channel line-up.

M-Net says the channel's new look, created by Monarchy, will be warmer. M-Net iconic blue ribbon device is also making a fantastic comeback.

Last month at M-Net's content showcase and upfront for advertisers and press, the channel first announced that the new look is coming from October and teased with a small preview.

I will report more in-depth on M-Net's new look after it's been unveiled and come into use on Monday, but for now M-Net has been willing to say this to TV with Thinus without letting the cat out of the bag completely.

M-Net is teasing something happening on 28 September. What is happening?
M-Net (DStv 101) will refresh its on-air look on Monday, 28 September and the new imaging kicks in at 06:00 in the morning. This co-incides with two of the biggest shows returning to the channel on Monday night - Grey's Anatomy at 19:30 (12th season) and The Fixer at 20:30 (5th season).

Why the decision to change the on-air look now?
Our brands are ever-evolving and we felt it was time to upgrade our image to something that complements the proposition of the channel. The end of September, beginning of October is the ideal time to hit the refresh button. Spring is here and with it there are many new and returning shows starting on the channel from Monday onwards.

How much of a departure will the new look be?
The new imaging will be much warmer, in line with the content on the channel,and will make it easier to communicate important information to our viewers. There's also a hint of nostalgia with the M-Net ribbon from many years ago making an appearance again.

How is the colour palette changing? What will be the main colours?
There is no specific dominant colour, but we're using bright, vibrant and modern colours that will be interchangeable depending on the content.

How much time did it take to create?
It has taken approximately seven months to create and develop the new imaging and Monarchy is the creative agency behind this exciting new look.