Monday, August 17, 2015

MSNBC on StarSat changes its on-air look; switches to all caps and quietly retires the 'Lean Forward' rotating slogan after 5 years.

MSNBC (StarSat 263) on StarSat has quietly updated the American TV news channel's on-air look on Saturday.

MSNBC switced from its small caps logo msnbc to MSNBC, presumably to appear more authoritative in its move towards more hard news coverage, and moving the "live" banner from the top to the bottom of the screen.

The small caps msnbc introduced in June 2009 is gone with a more forceful MSNBC in the right hand bottom corner where the "live" marker now also sits which moved down from the top.

The banner across the top - where MSNBC indicated what show was on and which also contained the "Lean Forward" which alternated and rotated with a show's name - is also gone.

Besides the top banner which is gone, "Lean Forward" - MSNBC's slogan for the past 5 years to indicate its progressive slant to America's political left - hasn't been replicated elsewhere on the screen after being removed from the top - it's deleted and gone.