Saturday, August 29, 2015

M-Net's Idols judge and MetroFM DJ Unathi Msengana now 'sorry'; suspended after disgusting filthy-mouthed Twitter outburst.

Damaging her own image and standing as well as that of the SABC, M-Net, Idols and MetroFM, Unathi Msengana who has been suspended by the SABC, is now saying "sorry" for her vulgar outburst on social media.

Unathi Msengana whose filth and hate riddled tirade against a 19-year old went public and will live online forever and might one day be embarrassing to her kids, now "wish to publicly apologise" for her choice of language.

"In what I have come to realise was a bad attempt to defend myself, I reacted by engaging directly with a Twitter follower. However, as upset as I was at that time, I should not have used offensive language," says Unathi Msengana in her statement. 

The MetroFM DJ and Idols judge previously considered the "nice" one despite some previous flare-ups and bad language, has now largely dented her positive role model image permanently.

The "rude" Unathi Msengana was for instance suspended in October 2013 by MetroFM after "unsavoury" comments, and with listeners complaining about her rude and sarcastic on-air behaviour.

The latest damaging self-inflicted reputation damage started when Unathi Msengana - who was suspended on Wednesday by the SABC - blasted a 19-year old MetroFM listener and Wits student, Palomino Jama, on Twitter who had different views.

It followed after a discussion of the documentary "Luister" about allegations of rampant racism at the University of Stellenbosch faced by black students.

Disgusting filth-riddled Twitter messages from Unathi Msengana to Jama like contained shocking languages like:

"Do you think insulting me, my marriage and my sexuality is going to change your situation? You're a f***ing idiot if so… you’re f***ing delusional if you think you can get personal. F*** your stupid mind. No amount is going to change our realities."

"You psycho b***h. F*** you twice over."

It prompted the SABC to suspend the mother - who hopefully isn't using that language with her own kids and calling them "psycho b***h" when they're not listening.

"Unathi Msengana has been taken off air because there are issues with what happened on her Twitter account after her show," says SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago.

The SABC will "engage" Unathi Msengana over her actions.

In a statement M-Net says "M-Net has engaged with Unathi Msengana extensively regarding her recent use of offensive language" but is not removing her as a Idols judge - for now.

"In light of the fact that Unathi Msengana has expressed her remorse over the incident, she will continue in her role as Idols SA judge. M-Net wishes to reiterate that it does not condone the use of offensive language and will take more serious action should such an incident occur again".