Friday, July 3, 2015

Is StarSat's 'expanding' FX coming to MultiChoice's DStv as a new TV channel from FOX International Channels?

Is the expanding FX (StarSat 133) TV channel on On Digital Media (ODM) and China's StarTimes Media SA's StarSat coming to MultiChoice's DStv as well soon?

FOX International Channels (FIC) which packages and distributes FX and FOX International Channels Africa (FIC Africa) says it is in the process to "extend the distribution of FX in South Africa".

FX has been available since May 2010 in South Africa on TopTV, which has since rebranded as StarSat.

In May this year FX as a TV channel itself rebranded with a new on-air look.

Since MultiChoice's DStv is the only other satellite pay-TV operator available in South Africa running a commercial service besides ODM's StarSat, "extending the distribution of FX" would appear to strongly suggest that FX is coming to DStv - since its the only other pay-TV platform available that can possibly currently accommodate FX.

FOX International Channels Africa didn't respond to a media enquiry specifically asking whether FX as a TV channel will be added to DStv.

MultiChoice, responding to a similar media enquiry asking whether FX will be added to DStv, responded and said when there's news to share of new channels MultiChoice will make the necessary announcements.

FIC decided to remove its FOX Movies and FOX Movies+2 channels from StarSat which will go dark at the end of this coming weekend.

FIC Africa says it is "currently involved with the process of strengthening and extending the distribution of its local portfolio of channels in a strategic move to ensure the brands continue to flourish locally [in South Africa] with compelling and engaging content and in line with the company's global strategy".

FIC Africa says "exciting plans" are underway for FX.

FIC Africa says that the extension of FX - presumably to include DStv as well - "will bring new audiences to the channel that since May 2015 offers a revamped version with a fresh on-air look and feel".

FX has shows such as Archer, Entourage, Hell on Wheels and Copper.