Friday, June 5, 2015

MTV Base's 2015 MAMAs looking for 4 hard-working, clever kids to work at the music awards show on 18 July in Durban.

You don't need a mop to work for mama. The 2015 MAMAs taking place on 18 July in Durban is looking for a dancer, a photographer, a social media journalist and a videographer - talented young people who just need that one chance to prove themselves to South Africa's showbiz world.

The 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards, or 2015 MAMAs which will be shown on MTV Base (DStv 322) on 18 July as well as sister channels Comedy Central Africa (DStv 122) and MTV (DStv 130) will be giving four young people the chance to shine at the Durban International Convention Centre.

The dancer will get the chance to appear on stage, while the other three will be working behind-the-scenes and alongside the red carpet in the pressure cooker entertainment biz environment of a live awards show and made-for-TV event.

As usual the MAMAs will be filled with celebrities and entourages, producers, TV and music executives, and the person who has to run with a mobile hairdryer in front of a vain star or two to make their new weave look as if it's naturally blowing in a soft breeze.

It's at the same time very hard work, very surreal but also very entertaining and rewarding.

Viacom International Media Networks International Africa (VIMN Africa) is looking for a twerking Miley type dancer with the moves and charisma to light up the stage, a photographer with a knack for capturing the perfect moment, a social media journalist who can hashtag Face Insta Whatsapp tweet like a Kim K, and a videographer who's a walking talking steadicam.

"This is the chance for keen young creatives to prove themselves at Africa's biggest event," says Tim Horwood, MTV Base channel director.

"With the help of talented newcomers with a fresh perspective, we can make the best show in Africa even better, while simultaneously offering them the opportunity to gain real-life experience and add weight and depth to their CVs," says Tim Horwood.

MTV Base will cover all travel and accommodation costs for the four people across the weekend of 18 July.

How to enter
People who want to enter to be a dancer must upload a 15 second clip to Instagram showing MTV Base the kind of moves the producers of the 2015 MAMAs can expect and should hashtag the video with #MAMAdancer and tag @MTVBreaks.

The awards show is also on the hunt for a talented camera person to work with the MTV Base production team to capture the content for the What Went Down MAMAs 2015 documentary. People who want to enter need to upload a 15 second clip to Instagram that best showcases their camera skills with the hashtag #MAMAcamera and tag it @MTVBreaks.

For the chance to work as a photographer and represent MTV Base on the red carpet, snapping the images to be used for MTV and MTV Base's digital platforms across Africa, photographers must capture an awesome action shot and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag @MAMAphotographer and tag it @MTVBreaks.

To be the social media voice of MTV and MTV Base across their social media platforms during the 2015 MAMAs, anyone can tweet a commentary to their favourite MTV music video or MTV show. People should send at least 5 tweets so the producers can get a taste of the person's creative style and must hashtag every twee #MTVBreaks and #SM.