Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Deen TV on Openview HD and StarSat starts new weekly show, The Ultimate Journey, focusing on the Hajj and Umrah.

Deen TV (OVHD 152 / StarSat 365) has started Hajj and Umrah lessons on-air, with the new 25 minute weekly show The Ultimate Journey on Tuesdays at 18:30 which is centred around Umrah, Hajj and the entirety of that journey.

The Hajj and Umrah are spiritual journeys undertaken by Muslims, and the new show which started on 16 June, covers everything from when people need to book tickets, leaving your home, right up to coming back home.

The Ultimate Journey is presented by Imam Isgaak Cassim, founder of the Almujaahiedeen travel agency and organisation, who teaches and provides help for those preparing, planning and taking the journey.

"Deen TV is bringing those teachings into the comfort of your home in the form of a TV series," says Faizal Sayed, Deen TV CEO and talk show host.

"While receiving the lessons comparable to attending classes viewers will also be receiving practical examples and see the lessons being put into practice through the visuals and clips that will be accompanying the teachings."

Deen TV says The Ultimate Journey is set to be as informative as if one were to attend Imam Isgaak Cassim's classes and is aimed at bringing the lessons to those who may be unable to attend classes such as elderly people or those with a busy work schedule and wishing to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

The Ultimate Journey will span over a number of weeks during the period before and in the time leading up to the month of Hajj.