Thursday, June 18, 2015

CBS Reality on DStv looking to solve old cold cases in new crime mystery series, Donal MacIntyre: Unsolved, starting later in the year.

CBS Reality (DStv 132) is getting its first original series in the form of Donal MacIntyre: Unsolved which will be looking at infamous "cold crime cases" in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The first season of Donal MacIntyre: Unsolved will have 12 episodes and will be broadcast in primetime on CBS Reality on DStv later in the year.

Donal MacIntyre: Unsolved, produced by Circle Films, digs up old so-called "cold cases" - crimes never solved - to try and find the criminals and to bring about convictions.

Using interviews and access to case files, Donal MacIntyre and his expert team will analyse the evidence, speak to those who remember the mystery surrounding these unsolved cases and explore why they have remained enigmas despite modern detective methods.

Cases include the murder of a French film producer in 1996, the murder of a Leeds millionaire businessman in 2004, and the case of a missing school boy of 7 in 2003.

"I am delighted to be working with AMC Networks International - Zone (AMCNI - Zone), bringing some compelling stories and investigations to the screen with an exceptional team comprising of criminologists, forensic pathologists, ex Scotland Yard detectives and others as we try to shed new light on high profile modern murder mysteries," says Donal MacIntyre.

"Viewers' appetite for crime mysteries has grown exponentially in recent months and we look forward to bringing cold cases to CBS Reality," says Sam Rowden, the director of programming for CBS Reality.

"Donal is an internationally recognised investigative journalist with a really strong track-record and we're delighted to be partnering on what will be a highly watchable series," says David Harvey of Circle Films.