Thursday, June 4, 2015

Business show travelogue, The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future coming to CNN International from 19 June as new 9-part monthly series.

A new 9-part monthly series, The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future is coming to CNN International (DStv 401) starting Thursday 18 June at 10:30 (South African time).

The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future will explore different countries along the Silk Road and uncover how the cultural traditions and commercial trading along this iconic route between the East and the West are changing and the innovations and developments happening at various places alongside this route.

Every month CNN International correspondent Sumnima Udas will visit a different country with the first episode of the 9-part series which will visit the very start of the Silk Road: China.

The half hour episodes of The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future will look at stories of culture, business and innovation and combine the modern world with intelligent historical context that brings the region alive with colour, culture and a history of doing business.

In the first episode on 18 June, Sumnima Udas will explore modern-day silk production in the Hangzhou province, speak to China's largest e-commerce company Ali Baba about being the internet's newest "Silk Road", and see how the city of Xi'an is renovating Silk Road sites to help boost tourism along the ancient route.

In July, the second episode will focus on Kazakhstan as the series covers the Silk Road to eventually complete the journey in Northern Italy.

"The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future is where rich, historic cultural context meets modern business and trading against the backdrop of visually stunning landscapes and destinations," says Ellana Lee, the senior vice president of CNN International.

"This is an exploration of how the Silk Road remains a route to international business in the 21st century, combining centuries' old traditions with the dynamic business models of our globalised world. Part business show, part travelogue, this series will be an important part of CNN International's output."

Besides the TV show, will also have a dedicated microsite for The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future.with additional special content.