Friday, June 19, 2015

150 SABC staff members defrauded the public broadcaster; SABC expanding its corruption investigation into Medscheme

At least 150 SABC staff members had defrauded the public broadcaster with the SABC saying it is going to take action and will expand its corruption investigation.

The SABC says more than 150 staff members "colluded" with medical practitioners to defraud the SABC's Medscheme.

The SABC believes the corruption goes much further and will be zooming in to other divisions where it says "corruption is probable" after the public broadcaster's preliminary investigations have shown that more than 150 SABC employees are defrauding the medical aid.

The fraud of Medscheme is for instance happening through the acquisition of various services in respect of marketing.

The SABC says it sees the fraud in a very serious light and will be taking "stern action".

The SABC says the public broadcaster, through its whistle-blowing programme and other reporting mechanisms, "been made aware of some fraudlent activities that certain employees are engaged in".

The SABC is warning SABC staff to conduct business "in an ethical manner" and to refrain from any action that the SABC views as any form of misconduct.