Thursday, May 7, 2015

MAN CAVE. Carte Blanche on M-Net and presenter John Webb ventures into the secret, massive 'Armageddon' Cave on Sunday at 19:00.

In what will be a jaw-dropping world exclusive Carte Blanche presenter John Webb will on Sunday night at 19:00 on M-Net (DStv 101) take viewers inside South Africa's secret "Armageddon" Cave - a seemingly endless cavern west of Johannesburg of which the location is still kept a secret.

About an hour west of Johannesburg, deep below the ground, is a cave that has yet to reveal the secrets of its limits to a very carefully chosen group of explorers and scientists who have descended into its endless darkness - and on Sunday Carte Blanche will be taking viewers along for the plunge, exploring this still off-limits place.

The Carte Blanche cameras descend into a cavern so massive in size that it's been named Armageddon.

In the early hours of the morning in the 1990's a farmer west of Johannesburg woke up to someone running to him screaming "There's a sink hole in the mealie field!"

Measuring 18 metres across and 50 metres deep - about as deep as a 12 block building - the sinkhole later gave way even further a few years later to reveal a massive cave.

Carte Blanche has now gained exclusive access to this super Armageddon Cave - on condition that its location in South Africa remains a secret.

Presenter John Webb takes a camera crew down the darkness and explores unchartered depths and astonishing geological formations.

"This is by far the most extraordinary thing I have ever done in my life," says John Webb. "Extraordinary and absolutely terrifying. No wonder they call it Armageddon".

"The Carte Blanche team, led by veteran producer Diana Lucas, felt privileged as do we all, to be allowed to enter this extraordinary space and bring a truly awesome and remarkable natural phenomenon to our audience," says George Mazarakis, Carte Blanche's executive producer.