Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to fix an unfixable (and growing) The Fixer problem? With Kerry Washington and Eric Dane both in The Fixer, which Fixer is which?

Perhaps you've heard of The Fixer ... no, not Shonda Rhimes' Scandal which was forced to be changed to The Fixer in South Africa due to's soap Scandal!, but the new drama The Fixer with Eric Dane and Kathleen Robertson.

Will The Fixer, if it's shown in South Africa be forced to change its name to something else because The Fixer is being used for Scandal on M-Net and SABC3 and Star Series E1 (StarSat 125), because Scandal! is on

And if The Fixer (Eric Dane's show) doesn't change, will viewers looking at a TV schedule realise its another new show and not The Fixer (Kerry Washington's show)? Who knows? Even I can't puzzle it out.

That's the troubles that start and grows when TV shows from different places with the same names start impacting on each other in the same TV markets and territories.

Luckily The Fixer (Eric Dane's show) is a mini-series; it's an additional project and he is still involved with The Last Ship shown on M-Net.

Perhaps The Fixer (Eric Dane's show), if it is shown here in South Africa by M-Net or another broadcaster and retains its title, it should just be shown not concurrently with The Fixer (Kerry Washington's show).

Although, even if it's shown during a mid-season break or in-between seasons, ordinary viewers will still struggle to discern from just looking at a printed TV schedule or EPG which The Fixer is now which.