Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Today's interesting TV stories to read from TV with Thinus - 31 March 2015.

After Comedy Central leaked to The New York Times that Trevor Noah is taking over for Jon Stewart ...

Comedy Central in America's president, Michele Ganeless explained why Trevor Noah was chosen as the new host of The Daily Show, someone who can "evolve The Daily Show for the next generation".
South African comedians congratulate Trevor Noah, even South Africa's puppet is happy.
Salon has Trevor Noah's "journey so far" and "everything you have to know" about him, and you can watch every one of his clips to learn about him.
TIME asks whether Trevor Noah's The Daily Show will have a more international focus?

American TV critic Tim Goodman is silly. In his latest column he notes Trevor Noah's inexperience and lack of name recognition and says Comedy Central is "bungling an opportunity" to put a woman in the chair.

Variety has 5 reasons why Trevor Noah is a good replacement for Jon Stewart.

Meanwhile it feels like Trevor Noah was over-prepped to use the word "team" as he says he is "progressive like Jon Stewart. How many times does Trevor Noah use the word "team" in an interview with Associated Press (AP) to drive home the point that he isn't "stealing" Jon Stewart's late night chair?

SABC's wage bill to grow by another R100 million.
The SABC's new corporate plan for 2015/2016 to 2017/2018 has salary increases for the SABC board, a 7.5% increase for permanent SABC staff.
The SABC also admits that its revenues are constrained due to "client cutbacks as a result of declining TV audiences due to non-performance of critical programming".

President Jacob Zuma looking for a "solution" for the SABC.
South Africa's president puts out a statement about the ongoing instability at the SABC, saying "he is looking into the matter with a view to finding a solution".