Thursday, March 5, 2015

BREAKING. Robinson Regstreeks on kykNET with Freek Robinson the next show getting 'cancelled' - ends March; will continue with new production company.

The bloodbath of culled and cancelled programmes continue at kykNET (DStv 144) with Robinson Regstreeks with Freek Robinson which has also been cancelled ... sortof ...

Robinson Regstreeks has been cancelled with the existing production company Foxwood Films, with a new production company which will take over Robinson Regstreeks after March, TV with Thinus is told.

The cancellation of the existing Robinson Regstreeks contract comes as kykNET cancelled its breakfast weekday show Dagbreek, is dramatically downsizing on its very recently introduced late night timeslot strand, and axed its first and long running soap Villa Rosa without warning after 11 years.

Again, on Robinson Regstreeks, there's been no word from kykNET so far on this first, why the production company has been let go, who the new producer and production company is, and no response yet on a media enquiry about it.

Rumours that Freek Robinson, who is also a news anchor on eNuus, the Afrikaans TV news bulletin on kykNET supplied by's eNews division, is leaving not true. The anchor is staying with eNuus.