Monday, March 16, 2015

BREAKING. eNCA 'will not comment' about Bhavna Singh; Michelle Craig to replace the dumped anchor on eNCA's News Day from 7 April.

"eNCA (DStv 403) will not comment on the departure of Bhavna Singh," Patrick Conroy, the managing director of e.sat, told TV with Thinus on Monday, with Michelle Craig who is now set to replace her on News Day.

It follows after the shocking and abrupt dumping of Bhavna Singh who co-anchored her last News Day on eNCA on Friday without so much as a pre-announcement goodbye from eNCA, a pre-leaving scheduling note, or a post departure update as to who is replacing her in the timeslot from the channel.

On Friday Sabido Investments, owner of and enCA, warned in a statement of retrenchments as it is looking at the possible closure of several divisions, including eCNA Africa.

At the beginning of this month moved its English prime time TV news bulletin from 19:00 to 20:30 with eNCA news anchor Pat Pillay who joined in 2004, who is also out.

An insider last week told TV with Thinus that "they [eNCA] have no money, so when contracts are up they are not renewing".

Patrick Conroy says "eNCA will not comment on the departure of Bhavna Singh. Her contract with our company ran its course and we wish her well in the future".

Asked about who, if anyone is replacing her, eNCA says Michelle Craig will partner with Andrew Barnes on News Day. "Michelle Craig has worked as a reporter and stand-in anchor for eNCA in the past".

Michelle Craig will start on News Day on eNCA on Tuesday 7 April.