Monday, February 9, 2015

BREAKING. Khanye West trashes E! Entertainment after the Grammy Awards, force E! reporters to remove E! logo from their microphones.

Artist Kanye West went on a rant against E! Entertainment (DStv 124) on Sunday night, dissing E! Entertainment on E! about being distasteful and forced E!'s red carpet reporters to remove the E! logo from their mics after the 57th Grammy Awards.

Kanye West, married to Kim Kardashian, star of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show on E! Entertainment, appeared on the entertainment news and reality TV channel after the conclusion of the 2015 Grammy Awards and scolded E! Entertainment for their branded E! mics during its E! After Party Grammy Awards coverage.

"Who designed these mics? I took the E! off my mic. Okay, we know, it's gonna be E! already! It's gonna be E! at the bottom of the screen right here," Kanye West said motioning to the camera.

"We need to step up the taste level across the board on all networks," he said as he slammed E! Entertainment.

At the Grammy Awards afterparty Kanye West forced E! Entertainment's eNews presenter Terrence Jenkins, as well as Christina Milian, Zanna Roberts Rassi and even Kloe Kardashian to remove the E! logo from their mics.

"Take these off! Take these off right now!" screamed Kanye West.

Terrence Jenkins initially didn't want to but then sheepishly relented. "E! cuts my cheque, let me keep mine, let me keep mine," the eNews reporter said before removing his mic's E! logo.

"They need you! Y'all are the personalities! E! needs y'all! The Kardashians have a percentage of E! That's what I'm saying, they need y'all!" said Kanye West.