Friday, February 6, 2015

Box TV music network supplying several channels to South Africa's StarSat changes its name and rebrands to The Box Plus Network.

Box TV which supplies TV channels like Box Africa (StarSat 326), Kerrang! (StarSat 327) and KISS (StarSat 325) to On Digital Media (ODM) and StarTimes Media SA's StarSat satellite pay-TV platform is changing its name to The Box Plus Network.

Box TV's rebranding to The Box Plus Network is being done due to "the ever changing viewing behaviour of youth audiences".

The music video TV network based in the United Kingdom says its business is changing.

"Our business is changing and we felt that being known as Box TV was no longer a reflection of the multiple ways in which we now operate and engage with our audience," says Matt Rennie, managing director of The Box Plus Network.

"We're committed to making sure our content offer remains relevant, regardless of how, when and where it's consumed."

The Box Plus Network is a joint venture between the UK's Channel 4 and Bauer Media.