Thursday, January 8, 2015

SABC tells its 'First Citizens' in Auckland Park about a fire drill that's coming - after it already happened and which personnel largely ignores.

The SABC held its first fire and evacuation drill of 2015 on Wednesday at 12:00 at the SABC's Auckland Park headquarters but only told SABC workers after it already happened that the "Fire Alarm and Evacuation Sysytems Test" is going to happen.

The SABC only informed personnel - which the public broadcaster refers to as "First Citizens" - after 12:00 that a fire drill is going to happen at 12:00.

According to insiders "the alarm rang once or twice, but personnel ignored it and stayed in their offices".

In a notification to SABC staff, headlined "Fire Alarm and Evacuation Sysytems Test" sent at 12:02 the SABC ironically told staff that a notification about fire drills in 2015 "will be sent out prior to each monthly test".

The fire drill didn't take place in Henley studios - the section of the SABC which was severely damaged by fire in June 2014. "The alarm system will not be tested as it is currently being replaced," the SABC told workers.

The SABC didn't respond to a request for comment about the fire drill made on Wednesday.