Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bobby Heaney appointed as academy director of M-Net's Magic in Motion Academy.

The veteran South African film and TV producer and director Bobby Heaney has been appointed as the academy director of M-Net's Magic in Motion Academy.

The M-Net Magic in Motion Academy will start in March with its first intake of students who will have the opportunity to work across genres and productions in their year-long programme.

"We are excited to welcome Bobby Heaney to the team," says Kershnee Govender, M-Net's corporate affairs director.

"He brings many years of film and television experience, coupled with significant industry awards under his belt. M-Net, along with its support of highly focused broadcast partners and Bobby will ensure that our students benefit greatly which in turn benefits the greater industry," says Kershnee Govender.

Bobby Heaney will mentor the 12 students chosen for a year-long internship through M-Net's Magic in Motion Academy which aims to develop talent in the South African film and television industry.

"The Academy could not have come at a better time, for me, the learners as well as the industry in South Africa," says Bobby Heaney.

"I started as an actor, moved into theatre, directed theatre and subsequently moved on to acting, producing and directing in television. This is an amazing journey and I'm so honoured that I will forever be a part of it for the as academy students," says Bobby Heaney.

"Students will get to work on both single and multi-focus camera productions, in studio and on location and will leave the academy with exceptional knowledge that will narrow the gap between the theory they've learnt at tertiary studies and what actually happens on the ground in the profession."

Through the M-Net Magic in Motion Academy students will work with production houses that already produce shows on behalf of M-Net across various genres.

Part of the internship includes the opportunity to commission a programme either by coming up with a television format or pitching for and producing a pilot programme.

According to M-Net a critical feature of the Magic in Motion Academy is for the students to gain experience across the wide spectrum of the film and television. With that in mind, students will learn alongside producers, directors, vision mixers, boom swingers and other specialists who work on reality television, sports, drama and investigative journalism shows.