Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Actress Pam Andrews leaves soap Rhythm City after 7 years, wants to focus on her 'music career'.

Actress and provocateur Pam Andrews is exiting the Quizzical Pictures produced weekday soap Rhythm City on after 7 years where she played the role of Gail October.

She will film her final scenes early in March.

Pam Andrews came to prominence on television and as a tabloid fodder favourite in 2002 when she was a group member of 101 which won the first season of the reality show Popstars.

The insta-fame catapulted her into roles on's first local soap Backstage as well as the drama series Tshisa after which she was picked up for the role of Gail on Rhythm City.

According to Pam Andrews she decided to leave since she wants to "focus on her music career", although insiders note that it was actually the production company that ended the contract.

In a note Pam Andrews says "sadly I will be leaving Rhythm City" and that "It's been 7 mindblowing years". "It's time for me to focus on other projects, explore new things and opportunities. I'm very, very nervous. Shaking. But also very excited."

Interestingly and notably there's been no word from either or Rhythm City about Pam Andrews' departure.