Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The best cleaning product in South Africa for your computer and smartphone screen is ... Pledge's new anti-static formula for electronics.

Two weeks ago I bought (yes, with my own money; no sponsorship, tester demo sample fake endorsement) something I don't want to personally recommend as much as tell you about (although that means that it is recommendation: The best cleaning product in South Africa, in my opinion, for your smartphone screen, your computer screen, your TV decoder, DVD player or electronics.

Pledge, from SC Johnson, has this new 750 ml aerosol can on store shelves, it's not expensive, and it's phenomenal. You can buy one, you won't be sorry and will be pleasantly surprised with the results (which is what we want in life: results!)

If you're like me and a little bit obsessive-compulsive not just over the news but also keeping your electronic devices clean, you will know what a mission it is to keep those screens dust, fingerprint, smudges and streaks and sticky free.

What makes the new Pledge Delicate Surfaces and Electronics so great is that is has an anti-static formula. It cleans wonderfully with a crystal clear shine, and leaves no residue.

The best thing is that it doesn't instantly attract dust, fluff and other static particles as so many if not all of the available cleaning product do.

I've been using Windolene, the transparent Crystal Clear type (which has become harder and harder to find) which is excellent, but does have the drawback in that it leaves screens exceptionally bright and clean, but instantly attracts particles again. It's not static free. I do love it, I won't bash it, but the new Pledge is even better.

I clean all of my electronics myself, at least once a week, and I clean my Samsung Galaxy Note II at least twice a week. I've sprayed the Pledge on my Sony Blu-Ray, DStv Explora, my computer screen, flatscreen TV's and my smartphone and with a soft cotton cloth my devices are beautifully cleaned - and stay that way.

What I don't like is cleaning my TV unit or decoder and especially my phone and after an hour or a day you can see a layer of dust or particles on it again. With the Pledge the clean dust-free-ness lasts a bit longer.

This new Pledge has been available in some other parts of the world already, but the can looks different. I've used it for two weeks now, almost daily, it works wonders on glass, the glass-like surface of a smartphone, stainless steel, computer screens and LCD screens.

If your on your own quest to find the type of cloth and type of cleaning product which gives your screens crystal clarity and keeps the static and dust away, here's one more new thing you can try as well on your own journey to clean screens and dust-free electronics.