Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ad agency Joe Public SA moves inappropriate Lovers Plus condom TV commercials on SABC to later timeslots and out of family viewing.

The ad agency Joe Public SA has agreed to move inappropriate Lovers Plus condom TV adverts shown in South Africa on the SABC to later timeslots outside of family viewing following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Autority of South Africa (ASA).

Joe Public SA agreed that the Lovers Plus TV commercials for the cheap condom range which have been shown on SABC3 will be moved to later and other timeslots outside of family viewing.

It follows a complaint by Clint White that the condom adverts which SABC3 showed during the morning and afternoon was inappropriate to show during family viewing timeslots.

Clint White told the ASA in his complaint that his 6 year old children saw the condom commercials during what is supposed to be family viewing.

It led to uncomfortable questions, following the Lovers Plus commercial in which a couple is seen in their underwear on a table, has a condom fall out, and is then seen jumping in under a blanket.

"The respondent has confirmed that it agrees with the SABC's approach to only flight this commercial in programming that is not likely to reach a young audience, and that it would ensure that this approach is followed going forward," says the ASA.

"The ASA is satisfied that the undertaking to ensure that the commercial is henceforth only scheduled during appropriate, mature programming is an adequate resolution to the matter."