Wednesday, October 8, 2014

MTV Base's Alex Okosi apologises for misleading 'best Nigerian music' campaign following viewer outrage; regrets confusion over shallow list.

Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) and MTV Base in Africa is apologising to MTV Base viewers, especially Nigerian DStv subscribers following viewer outrage for a misleading "The Best Naija Tracks Ever on MTV Base" campaign which blew up in the channel's face.

Nigerian viewers and artists blasted VIMN Africa and MTV Base for a shallow list of "best Nigerian music" which VIMN Africa's senior vice president and managing director Alex Okosi now admits was "misleading" and is apologising for.

Alex Okosi says MTV Base's "The Best Naija Tracks Ever on MTV Base" was "never intended to reflect the Best Naija Tracks of all time" - only actually recent hits, and that how the campaign was done on MTV Base "could have been misleading on some of our platforms and we regret any confusion caused".

Alex Okosi says that MTV Base (DStv 322) will be filming a special roundtable discussion in Lagos, Nigeria, talking about the issue of the best Nigerian music with artists, DJ's and music industry experts which will be broadcast on MTV Base in November.

"It seems as if some people may have misinterpreted the campaign. The list of tracks, as voted by the public, was never intended to reflect the Best Naija Tracks of all time," says Alex Okosi.

"It was supposed to highlight artists that have been played on our channel since the launch of MTV Base in 2005, hence the title "The Best Naija Tracks Ever on MTV Base".

"As a brand, we acknowledge and respect the fact that Nigeria has a long music history beyond the last 10 years and our work since launching MTV Base is to help develop and showcase the best of Nigerian and African music to a global audience."

"The 'Best Naija Tracks Ever on MTV Base' campaign is really about celebrating the new generation of talent who have benefitted from the legends who paved the way for their successes today," says Alex Okosi.