Thursday, October 2, 2014

How the SABC's derailed Generations would have continued: the ongoing stories never filmed.

While plotted, outlined and written for October, the ongoing stories of the characters of SABC1's Generations was never filmed following the firing of the principal cast by producer and creator Mfundi Vundla in August.

The SABC and South Africa's most watched show abruptly came to an end on Tuesday night when the public broadcaster and MMSV Productions ran out of available episodes, leaving viewers dangling with no resolutions, conclusions or finality for any of the characters or stories in Generations.

There exists however scripts for October - an indication of what would have happened if the soap which made millions of rand for the SABC had continued.

The actors who didn't make millions, went on strike in August, demanding the three year contracts the SABC's famously matricless chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng personally promised them in July 2013 and which didn't materialise more than a year later.

They asked for better pay rates in line with those of other local TV soaps on the SABC and other broadcasters, and to be paid the residuals for rebroadcasts and resales of the show as stipulated in their existing contracts but which they haven't been paid for decades.

Mfundi Vundla then fired the cast with the consent of the SABC. The Generations Actors Guild (GAG) is now taking the SABC and MMSV Productions to court and to the CCMA.

Mfundi Vundla is now promising a "younger" Generations when the soap returns in a new guise in December to SABC1, looking to hire younger actors.

Older and more established South African actors and their agents now fear a backlash from viewers and more specifically from inside the local TV industry if they appear on the reset soap which dumped veteran actors like Sophie Ndaba, should they appear to be replacing fan favourites.

Generations' former head writer and co-producer BongiNdaba also quit the production last month after 8 years, but here is what Generations would have shown viewers this month if the SABC had the ability to keep the soap on the air during the month and a half the SABC's top management had to find a resolution before episodes ran out:

Ngamla is jealous when he sees Mawande with another man. MJ rushes a beaten-up girl to the hospital, not realising he might soon come to regret it.

Kenneth and Khethiwe connect.  Senzo has to set a friend up with a date.  The hapless young victim turns out to be anything but innocent, and Priska does something right for a change.

Sello is delighted when Dineo changes her tune.  MJ’s good deed comes back to bite him in the butt. Namhla makes a run for it. Noluntu finally says her goodbyes to Mnqobi.

Sompisi is upset when the sangoma is kicked out of the shebeen.  A food-tasting session ends off in a kiss.  Jason is floored by what he finds at the hospital.

Jabulani puts Priska in her place. Samora leaves for Somalia with his ex. Noluntu isn't ready to talk to the man who "rejected" her.  Mawande hardens her heart when she sees her son with his father.

Ruby doesn't like the vibe between Kenneth and Khethiwe one little bit. Choppa decides to make the best of "being single".  Senzo's had enough of the mind games and decides to call it quits. Jason is shocked to hear how his sister makes a living.

Priska is furious when told to keep her husband in check.  Zodwa rubs salt into a raw wound when she talks about Samora's call.  Namhla resorts to doing what she does best. Zinhle has a new friend - it's a guy and he's super hot!  Kenneth gets it on with his arch enemy's wife.

MJ catches his step-mother in the act. Choppa is mortified by what happens during the yoga class and blames it on  someone else.  Ngamla hits Priska where it hurts. Mawande breaks down after receiving an unexpected visitor.  Namhla attacks her guard and makes a run for it. 

MJ demands his money back from Jason.  Ruby gets a message on the website about Dineo. Noluntu sneaks into Samora’s apartment and Mawande hates the effect Ngamla has on her.  Patricia is scandalised by Namhla’s behaviour.  

Khubone reveals a shocking truth to Kenneth. Khethiwe overhears a conversation about her and freaks out.  Priska is surprised but pleased when her husband ravishes her.  Jason is shocked when he finds who he was looking for.

Zodwa’s wish comes true. Ruby and Patrick are ill-prepared when a surprise visitor shows up. Noluntu is furious about what happens at work and decides to take revenge.

Bra Shakes pays someone to beat him up.  Nicholas reveals how Akhona landed up in hospital because of him.  Mary overplays her hand, not knowing it will come back to bite her.

Zimbini fumes when she hears about her father's plans.  Isabel tries to cheer MJ up but only makes him feel worse.  Will Namhla go through with conning the people who have been so good to her?

And that is where Generations really ended at the end of October's unfilmed stories and scripts.