Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Damage control inside e.tv as executives try to calm e.tv and eNCA staff, following the shocking exit of e.tv CEO Marcel Golding.

e.tv isn't talking amidst major upheaval and scandal swirling around the free-to-air TV station and its 24-hour TV news channel eNCA (DStv 403), but insiders are telling me executives are scrambling to try and calm staff.

Following the shocking resignation of CEO Marcel Golding on Monday - part of a deliberate move by Hosken Consolidated Investment (HCI) shareholders to push him out and his resultant shocking revelations of political interference into e.tv's eNews and eNCA operations - I'm told e.tv is trying to calm the chaos.

"e.tv's group attorney just arrived in Cape Town today to try and calm people," I'm told by a source.

"Patrick [Conroy, managing director of eNCA and eSat news services] also flew to Cape Town," an insider tells me. 

"People are just wondering whether there will be a Christmas party for the staff this year. And if there is one, who will be addressing them this year?" says another one.