Monday, September 1, 2014

The NON TV trash story of the day: Grazia SA has Brad and Angie heading for a breakup (meanwhile they just got married).

The largely lamentable entertainment trash "reporting" (if you can call it "reporting") from South Africa's entertainment media remains as dismal as its saddening. 

Take Kerrie Simon-Lawrence's Grazia SA for instance of which the new 3 September issue has Angelina Jolie on the cover screams: "Shock! Brad tells Ange: I don't love you anymore."

Meanwhile Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie just got married while the staff of the magazine from the "slut shaming" scandal of earlier this year were working on this cover story.

Did I forget to mention that the "source" for the Grazia SA cover story is allegedly Brad Pitt's former psychic, with Grazia SA using sources like the often dubious Daily Mail and National Enquirer as sources?

"Could Hollywood's strongest pair be on the verge of heading to Splitsville" is what the article speculates in the latest issue. 

Uhm, no. They just got married while Grazia SA signed off those pages. 

Is there reason why a lot of the entertainment news coverage in South Africa is never trusted, because it's so bad? When will the madness stop?

Whenever there's incorrect reporting regarding economics, politics, sport or other hard news current affairs, publications and broadcasters feel compelled and are pressured to do retractions and run corrections. With entertainment news? Never.

Why if tabloids and others run a Bang Showbiz story of "Kim's little North makes a poopy" and it turns out to not be true, is there no correction, no apology and no pressure to be more accurate?

South Africa's entertainment reporters, journalists and publications I feel are the reason the news segment is largely regarded as fluff and the news circumspect.

Where is the real news, the honest reporting, the insightful and comprehensive reporting? Just because its "entertainment news" doesn't mean the news values of accuracy, fact-based reporting, and real and credible sources shouldn't apply. 

It's tiring to constantly see an avalanche of fake frivolous news that's not just dished up for consumption, but never even corrected. 

Stop the National Enquirer and Bang Showbiz stories, pick up the phone and call real people, more than one, and lets report the actual news and the facts to help people make better and more correctly informed decisions.