Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shock, pandemonium, as the women of The Talk on M-Net start to scream uncontrollably on live television for 3 minutes following a surprise revelation.

The new season of The Talk, seen on weekdays at 13:00 on M-Net, just started this week in America and the women just lost it and started screaming uncontrollably for 3 minutes on live television following a shocking revelation ...

... The Talk's Sara Gilbert is pregnant.

M-Net is just a few episodes behind in South Africa from The Talk episodes broadcast in the United States, so M-Net and DStv subscribers will see the touching, funny, hilarious and very genuine TV moment here soon.

What happened is that the season started with "Face Your Fears" - and each one of the women getting a turn - one per day - to try and face their biggest fears. Today was Sara Gilbert's turn.

She was supposed to lie on a bed of nails and get another slab of nails put on top of her with a block being broken on her stomach.

That's when she suddenly became emotional, explaining to her co-hosts that she can't do it. And then said that it's because she's pregnant.

Pandemonium ensued. Uncontrollable screaming started as all of the women went of completely off script with the unexpected news that Sara Gilbert's expecting a baby. Watch: