Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Amidsts falling ratings a new logo for's soap Rhythm City from 29 September, new opening title sequence from late October.

You're reading it here first.

Amidst a big ratings slump which has executives worried, Rhythm City on the free-to-air channel which also just lost its weekend omnibus timeslot will be getting a new logo on Monday 29 September and a new intro theme and title sequence from late October.

The weekday soap in will change its logo on-screen on 29 September and the title sequence will be changing a month later towards the end of October.

The new Rhythm City logo which TV with Thinus has seen, retains the basic concept and outline and changes the colours and the spheroid 3D effect to a circle. A softer orange-amber and blue is introduced, instead of the white and dark orange.

The viewership of Rhythm City, produced by Quizzical Pictures at Sasani Studios, has fallen since mid-July, taking a massive plunge from an average of 3.5 million as the most watched soap and most watched TV programme on, to around 2.5 million viewers since SABC1 moved Skeem Saam to the 18:30 timeslot opposite Rhythm City.