Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CNN International sued over drunk and biting correspondent Arwa Damon who attacked medics at the American embassy in Iraq in drunken rage.

CNN is being sued for $1 million after the CNN International (DStv 401) correspondent Arwa Damon, allegedly drunk and biting, attacked medics at the American embassy in Bagdad, Iraq.

According to reports the CNN International correspondent allegedly has a "history of becoming intoxicated and then abusive" and attacked medics in a drunken rage while they were trying to provide medical assistance during a drunken altercation at the American embassy in Bagdad.

That is according to a bizarre law suit that was filed in New York on Monday by Charles Simons and Tracy Lamar, working as emergency medics.

According to the law suit Arwa Damon started biting Tracy Lamar.

The law suits claims that the CNN International correspondent allegedly has "a penchant for violence even when sober".

Charles Simons and Tracy Lamar are suing CNN for $1 million for "suffering severe and permanent personal injuries, including a bite to the left forearm, injury to the knees, elbows and other parts of the body; fear of infection from a human bite which is highly infectious; cosmetic deformity; pain and suffering; mental anguish and distress; emotional injuries".

Besides Arwa Damon's alleged drunken biting and violent rage law suit, the United States' State Department launched an investigation into her drunken fit, and the report was sent to CNN.

In an email the CNN International correspondent wrote to the American embassy and called her behaviour "inexcusable", that she can't remember what she did and what happened, and begging for forgiveness.

"It's been an extremely stressful time, I was exhausted, I had not had proper food all day and clearly miscalculated how my body would handle the alcohol consumed … Needless to say, I am utterly mortified and take full responsibility for my actions, which are inexcusable," Arwa Damon wrote.

"I am being filled in on the details of my behavior. I am beyond embarrassed. My actions and words were entirely out of my character, and I hope that everyone can at some point forgive me".

"So once again, I am apologizing and extending my thanks to all that were involved in ensuring that I am, thankfully, in the end, taken care of and physically at least OK. Everyone was extremely professional and courteous in the face of my unjustified behavior," Arwa Damon wrote.

CNN so far has no comment.