Thursday, August 7, 2014

Broken Angel starting as a new telenovela on Telemundo from Monday 11 August at 18:00.

A brand-new telenovela Broken Angel (Santa Diabla or "Holy Devil" in Spanish) starts on Telemundo (DStv 118) on Monday 11 August at 18:00.

The premise is that of a women on a quest seeking revenge for the murder of her husband, as she falls in love with a new guy and accomplice.

Broken Angel is a bit of a weird one as telenovelas go.

Be prepared that if you start watching and following this one on Telemundo that has 136 episodes, that it doesn't really end on a happy note - for anyone.

Broken Angel is a downer, not a "happy" story, and it also doesn't end on a happy note.

There's no real redemption for anyone on Broken Angel as basically everybody's lives are destroyed, and ends up unhappily ever after - a message that revenge doesn't work and that life carries on, irrespective of whether good things happened to people, or bad.

To be highbrow about it: Broken Angel starts with an existential crisis and basically ends as an existential crisis.

Gaby Espino is the main character of Santa Martinez, along with Carlos Ponce, Aaron Diaz (the two of them also sing the theme song of Broken Angel).

Broken Angel on Telemundo is a very new telenovela. Production on it began in May last year, ended in December of 2013, and first start broadcasting exactly a year ago in August 2013 for the first time.