Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 23rd season of The Amazing Race starting on Sony Entertainment Television (SET) on Sunday 13 July at 19:35.

The 23rd season of that show with the most ridiculously ambitious production elements in literally the entire world, The Amazing Race with presenter Phil Keoghan, will start on Sony Entertainment Television (SET) (DStv 127) this Sunday at 19:35.

The 23rd season of The Amazing Race - South African viewers are only one season behind which started in February - will see the contestants travel through 9 countries, 4 continents, visiting 21 cities and travelling 56 000 miles.

As usual there's 11 teams of two people each with some kind of a pre-existing relationship.

The new 23rd season of The Amazing Race keeps the "Double Express Pass" introduced in the 22nd season.

In this the first team to arrive at the first Pit Stop gets two Express Passes - so that they can of course give the other one to any of the other teams.

Some of the teams in this season of The Amazing Race include the wives of basketball players, maintenance workers, a former beauty queen,a former Lingerie Football player, married emergency room doctors, cousins, two theatre performers, a father and daughter team and two childhood friends.