Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Profile documentary on president Jacob Zuma, Comrade President: The Man from Nkandla, on on Sunday 20 July at 15:00. will broadast a new profile documentary about South Africa's president Jacob Zuma on Sunday 20 July at 15:00 entitled Comrade President: The Man from Nkandla.

The documentary (repeated on Wednesday 23 July at 13:30 on will look at Jacob Zuma's journey from Nkandla where he was a Zulu herd boy with no formal education, to becoming president of the country.

From his days as part of the African National Congress (ANC) and being part of the liberation movement, to becoming the party leader of the political party and his political career through power, controversy, charges of corruption and scandal, his polygamy and infidelities, Comrade President: The Man from Nkandla looks at his life and times.

The documentary looks at Jacob Zuma's political survival skills, his sophisticated legal team, long-standing connections with intelligence networks, and everything - and everyone - that helped him to become president and to remain president and the leader of the ANC majority party in South Africa.